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1: When did you start training as an MMA fighter?

I started training in Mixed Martial Arts when i was just 6, around the year 2000.


2: How long have you been training with Tom Blackledge?

I started training with Tom 3 years ago.


3: Your a young rising talent and keen to compete in MMA, what attracted you to MMA at such a young age?

My parents got me into MMA and I ended up loving the sport so much all i do is live and breathe it every day.


4:You recently left school and spend most days training and one of the most dedicated MMA fighters, what are your plans for the future of Josh Kennedy?

My plans for the future is to become a UFC champio.


5: MMA is clearly a career path for you, who are your biggest influences in the sport past or present?

My biggest influences in MMA are my Blackledge team mates, my training partners and people in the UFC like GSP.


6: Who inspires you every day to train and prepare for competition?

The person that genuinely inspires me is Tom, he's more than a coach and i completely trust him to train me to be the best i could ever be.





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Based in Wigan, Blackledge MMA is run by world renowned and very respected MMA Champion Tom Blackledge.

BMMA welcomes all levels of ability to our facilities. We are friendly professional Mixed Martial Artists with a wealth of experience and look forward to meeting and training with you, don't be shy, we don't bite. Come down and train with some of the best MMA fighters in the UK, healthy body, healthy mind!