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1: When did you start training as an MMA fighter?

Started training on and off for about 6 years and always been a combat sport enthusiast, i started training hard over the past 3 years and things soon became more serious for me as a Professional MMA Fighter.

2: How long have you been training with Tom Blackledge?

I became part of Blackledge MMA nearly 2 years ago soon after competing at the first ICE Fighters Championships where i first met Tom. Joining Blackledge MMA has been instrumental for and many of my team mates in driving my MMA fighting career forward, i honestly cannot speak highly enough of Tom as a coach and a friend, his fighting career alone speaks for itself but his training ethis and support towards us all is second to none and i feel very privileged to fight under the Blackledge name.

3: What has been you most memorable fight to date?

My title Shinobi fight against Birgir Örn Tómasson in March 2015 has to be the pinnacle for me so far, the fight went the distance and being such a high profile fighter the fact i beat him obviously speaks for itself. Was a huge confidence boost and testament to my training and my support network.

4: What's a day in the life of Gav Hughes?

Like most fighters it's just work, pay the bills, family and training.

5: What are your aspirations for your future in MMA?

Like any serious fighter i want to achieve the best i can and move up the ranks, ultimately to compete in the UFC.

6: Who inspires you in the world of MMA and why?

With-out sounding too corny, truly my coach, Tom, my team-mates and my family, especially my partner. Tom is just there when-ever i need him, my team-mates are relentless and never give up on each other. We are a close net family and my girlfriend is just a rock, making food at midnight when i come in from training and just supporting me through lifes trials as well as training is just as important as the training, without support i don't think you can ever achieve your ultimate goal to it's full potential. Everyone plays such an important role so that you can focus and be the best you can be. I bet if you look at any really successful athlete it's the support network that plays the biggest part in helping you train hard to be able to compete as a formidable apponent.




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Based in Wigan, Blackledge MMA is run by world renowned and very respected MMA Champion Tom Blackledge.

BMMA welcomes all levels of ability to our facilities. We are friendly professional Mixed Martial Artists with a wealth of experience and look forward to meeting and training with you, don't be shy, we don't bite. Come down and train with some of the best MMA fighters in the UK, healthy body, healthy mind!