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Tom"The Juggernaut" Blackledge is a professional British Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fighter, personal trainer and renowned MMA training facility Coach who fought out of Wolfslair Academy in Liverpool, UK.

Tom's professional fighting career began with promotions Ultimate Combat and Cage Rage, he fought at multiple Cage Gladiators events and executed a 6-2-0 (win/loss/draw) record in his first 4 years as a Pro.

After taking over a year break from professional fighting Tom returned competing for the M-1 series, it was here The Juggernaut gained huge acclaim for his ˜Number One Knockout of 2009˜ award after his nine-second KO on Enoc Solves.

Following Tom Blackledge's MMA coaching, fight preparation and conditioning for a team of 16 heavyweight fighters during filming for season ten of ˜UFC - The Ultimate Fighter" reality TV show, he was offered a fight contract with UFC.


A Fila World Submission Wrestling Champion.

ITKA accredited Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor.

Provides Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) coaching, support, fight preparationand conditioning for fighters

Was Quinton ˜Rampage" Jackson's (BA Baracus) personal Coach for the Hollywood blockbuster "The A-Team".

Provided fight choreography and stunt work for Twentieth Century Fox on the blockbuster movie, "The A-Team".


Tom"The Juggernaut" Blackledge lives in Wigan, Lancashire and runs Blackledge MMA, he is a sought after MMA Coach and an active member of ˜Wolfslair Academy˜. He delivers a high level of coaching, support, fight preparation and conditioning for his ˜Blackledge MMA Fight Team˜ members. Tom Blackledge Mixed Martial Arts classes, currently run out of Powerbeck Gym in Leigh, Lancashire are hugely successful coaching ages of 5 years and upwards and also provides one-to-one sessions for all Blackledge MMA Fight Team students.

It is a huge honor for students to train under the Blackledge name, the knowledge, skills and discipline taught by Tom is synonymous through-out the entire Blackledge Fight Team family and continues to provide an avenue for people of all ages to learn controlled aggression techniques, respect and loyalty within a team that endeavour to instill the Blackledge values and morals within each other while becoming future MMA Champions, Blackledge MMA already boasts a formidable team of fighters that own MMA titles...the Blackledge name will live on....for many many years to come, thanks to the hard work and dedication of The Juggernaut




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Based in Wigan, Blackledge MMA is run by world renowned and very respected MMA Champion Tom Blackledge.

BMMA welcomes all levels of ability to our facilities. We are friendly professional Mixed Martial Artists with a wealth of experience and look forward to meeting and training with you, don't be shy, we don't bite. Come down and train with some of the best MMA fighters in the UK, healthy body, healthy mind!